The Red Bus

In my infinite link-hopping search for new hip hop, I stumbled across this group called Red Bus, which is a collaboration between Dedflower, Yetione, Lorax, and Observer, some artists who seem to be related to Pattern-Hungry Records, an Indianapolis-based record company. I've never heard of the group or the record label, but I'm glad I stumbled across this project.
That's the cover of the album, though it doesn't give up much information.

Aside from having fantastic rapping, the instrumentals really caught my ear because they're not really what I expected when I picked this album up. In fact, I had no idea what I was about to hear but as soon as I threw it on the player, the first thing that I thought was that I was mistaken and had accidentally downloaded an indie album and not a hip hop one.

The only downside to this album I've found thus far is that it is only 5 tracks long, so... I'm waiting for more! One of the big upsides is that it's free! So, what are you waiting for? You ought to download this so you can bump it while you're riding your bike through the county roads... ah, at least that's what I plan on doing later today.

Here's the link their MySpace page, where you can find the album inside a blog post.

I can't wait for their next release, and while I'm waiting, I'm going to raid Pattern-Hungry Records for some other albums. This stuff's really good.