Lyric of the Week

"I've never met Pip Skid but I've seen the effects on everyone who did."
-- Bleubird (from Music Appreciation II by Epic, from the album Aging is What Friends do Together on Hand'Solo Records).

Why this lyric? I don't even listen to Pip Skid, mainly because I accidentally deleted his album from my hard drive (and I should download it again), but I listen to Epic daily, because he's one of my favorite emcees right now. This track is off of Epic's latest album, which everybody should listen to, but this lyric has been really blown me.

I think what it is about this line is that it is so simple but it has such emotion behind it. It is powerful. Plain as day.

But why is it so powerful? I would have to say the delivery of it has a lot to do with it but it's really important to note what it infers; meeting Pip Skid will change your life. And I don't mean to say it in a pretentious way, but I can see that. I've met people and heard music that really changed the way I thought/think about music and life, and everything inbetween.

In all, incredible.

Here Comes a New Challenger II: Turbo trailer

That's right... it's coming soon! The trailer for Game Music 4 All's Here Comes a New Challenger II: Turbo is right around the corner. Get stoked!

Game Music 4 All
Here Comes a New Challenger 1

Noah23 - Rock Paper Scissors

I've been listening nonstop to Noah23's epic album Rock Paper Scissors. I've had it for a while and been meaning to listen to it but I haven't been doing much other than working (way too much) recently and my ZUNE was on hiatus for a while. Actually, it was the cable that was on hiatus but that really translated directly into me not being able to use the device at all. So, I've been putting off listening to new albums until the other day when I threw on RPS and... it's indescribable.

The first thing that struck me was how much more I liked it than Upside Down Bluejay, which I thought had a pretty good vibe to it. If you don't know, RPS is a collaboration album, in that every track has a guest on it, and it's amazing all the way through. There are some guys that I can never get enough of (Wordburglar, Epic, Livestock, Demune, Gregory Pepper) and some new guys that I'm rapidly searching for music from now.

So... best track on the album?
Elephants March (feat. Fidget and Bleubird)
With more change-ups than a relief pitcher, this track switches styles constantly, mid-verse, and comes straight up with wicked rhymes from all three emcees right off the get-go. I can't stop listening to this, and in fact, I'm going to ask Noah if I can throw it on the premier FlipTape (new music article that's coming soon!) so that you can all hear it too. I'm not able to post it up because it's not a free album.
But seriously, there are components of this song (that I'll discuss in full later) that just make me excited to be a fan of real hip hop. Perfect. I'd say this is one of my favorite all-time hip hop songs now, and that's a hard list to get on.

Go show your support, and listen to Noah23's other projects too. I first heard the guy on Train Rawbers Volume 1 and I'll never stop, as long as he keeps putting out albums.

Noah23's Official MySpace
Rock Paper Scissors Album
Plague Language Official MySpace

illGill/Chozo_Ninpo -- Church of Fudge!

illgill (aka William Gillis) and Chozo_Ninpo (aka Porchmonkey) have teamed up with a slew of artists for their RPM 2009 release CHURCH OF FUDGE! Did I tell you that I love illGill's music? I'm always excited when he puts out new songs.

Featuring: Don Vito, Attackslug, Gabriel, MC Loki, MC Coolwhip, Mister b., Funky49, MC 8-Bit, King Pheenix, and Fatty Goodness and more!

It's a rickety ride through hell and back, surely. I can't say for sure though because I am currently downloading it myself, but I'm assuming it's going to be awesome. If you're not aware, RPM is a challenge in which artists have one month to create an album from scratch.

So I'm listening to it and it's wicked so far. What I like the most is that there are special guest appearances I didn't know about, including Tripp Vomit, a Los Angeles emcee I met during West Coast Wig Out, but I haven't gotten to hear any of his recorded work until now. He's dope.

Also, illGill sounds wicked, and Chozo opens with a wicked verse on Losing Control. Awesome, and nice to hear from him again.
Download it. Seriously. It's free!!!!

illgill official website
download link!

(I know this post may seem half-assed but that's only because today is the first day in my life that I've had a real job and I worked from 9:00am until 5:00pm today and woke up at 5:30am this morning. So... to be completely honest, I'm very tired.)