The Return of Legendary Hip Hop

What could pull a hip hop writer out of retirement and back into the world of reviewing rap albums around the globe, jabberjawin' about excellent wordplay and searching for the holy grail of rhyme schemes? I mean, honestly, I certainly have been busy, be it writing/hosting music, going to school, or working as a champion-level waiter and cook, but I always keep one hand dipped in the now-overflowing well of hip hop gems to keep my ears sharp. What sane person can live without it? But man, I haven't wanted to write about it until recently, when I got my hands on a few albums that came out lately (Toolshed's The Lost, Timbuktu's Stranger Danger, and More or Les's Brunch with a Vengeance).

And I thought about it... should I get back into this? Well, the Canadians are pushing the bar really, really hard since I've stopped writing. There've been so many great albums coming out of that country that I think I'm doing an injustice by not spreading the word.

And then it hit me... I got wind of Backburner's Heatwave, a collaborative album featuring Fresh Kils, Wordburglar, Timbuktu, More Or Les, Uncle Fester, Ghettosocks, Chokeules, Jesse Dangerously, Jay Bizzy, Thesis Sahib, Beatmason, Frank Deluxe, Dexter Doolittle, Psybo, Ambition, Johnny Hardcore, Manalive, Ginzu333 & Mister E.

Did you read that lineup? It's absolutely ridiculous. Beyond awesome. They put out the first single from the album (music video coming soon) Heatwave, that just blows minds. Thesis Sahib, Timbuktu, Wordburglar, Jesse D, Chokeules, and Jay Bizzy (who I haven't heard anything new from in way too long).

Needless to say, this song makes other posse cuts look like child's play.

BACKBURNER - Heatwave by Hand'Solo

The album is out now, and it's a steal at $8.99 for a physical copy and only $5.00 for digital download in high quality, available HERE. <-- and you can listen to the whole thing for free.

I'm back. Backburner and Hand'Solo, I owe you one.

Stay tuned for more Legendary Hip Hop,

John James