Track of the Week -- House on Wheels

This new column is exactly as it sounds; each week on Saturday I'm going to put up a track that I've been listening to a lot. The goal is to give you readers something you've never heard before, and hopefully introduce you to artists you've never heard of as well. Special thanks to Conyeezy for the webhosting, otherwise this article would not exist. He's the man, no doubt.

Noah 23 - House on Wheels (feat. Gregory Pepper & MadadaM)

Off of Noah23's album Upside Down BlueJay, this track was the kicker for me. It comes in towards the end of the album and I was blown away by how perfectly it is put together. It starts off with a haunting melody for a short 10 seconds before Gregory Pepper's voice kicks in over the beat, which quickly builds tension before displaying a wicked rendition of a certain Pixies lyric... Then Noah23 comes in and spits a wicked minute-long rap over one of my favorite beats I've ever heard, provided by the man himself, MadadaM.

In short, I love this track. It introduced me to Gregory Pepper, who I had not heard of previously, and now I can't get enough of the dude's music. He's not a hip hop artist but he's fantastic nonetheless. If I had money I would buy his albums, but luckily you can listen to them for free on his website, which tides me over when I need a fix. And you can't go wrong with MadadaM and Noah23, either. The first time I heard either of them was on the TrainRawber's album, which I still spin fairly often, and they did a damn good job. In fact, some of MadadaM's beats are so incredible, I think that album needs to have an instrumental release. They frequently collaborate and everything they put out together is fantastic. Noah23's rapping style always keeps me captivated and I'll surely be putting out the word when his next release becomes available. I always try to keep track of the guy's music. What a great lyricist.

Okay, well, that's enough for today, hopefully you enjoyed the track! Now please, go support these fantastic artists, and tune in next Saturday for... Track of the Week!

Would you like to know more?
Gregory Pepper

Rootbeer - "Pink Limousine" Tour

If you haven't heard of Rootbeer, it's a couple of emcees who have great taste when it comes to the fliest clothes available... oh, and they can rap, too. The combination of Flynn Adam and Pigeon John could be described as fantastic or even "dope," as the two emcees (in the only two tracks available so far on their MySpace page) weave seamlessly together to make a comfortable and warm hip hop quilt that you can wrap your ears up in... or something to that effect.

Either way, news has reached my ears that the duo is going on tour AND releasing an EP, entitled The Pink Limousine. Though this may sound fruity, rest assured that it's going to be 100% awesome. Being a long-time fan of Pigeon John, I have faith in this release, as I do with all of his releases. Now that I think about it, there's nothing better than cruising around in the Sentra with Daniel bumping Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party during the summer when it's nice and hot out and all the tunes get you in that mood to chill out... I suggest you buy that album immediately. Actually, if not for Rootbeer, I probably wouldn't have heard of Flynn Adam, at least not when I did, and I have yet to cop his own EP Such a Time, which I'd buy if I had any money (as currently I am unemployed). YOU should buy it so you can get ready for the dubious duo's tour, then e-mail me a .zip of the tracks, so I can hear them too. I'll pay my dues when I see 'em live! And of course, after the show I'll be writing a review and I'll be really critical of all of their mistakes. Last time Pigeon John came through here at the local Petaluma Phoenix Theater, I missed it, so there's no way I'm missing this show.

Anyhow... The Pink Limousine is officially out on March 10th both digitally and available in hard copies. I'll be at the show March 30th, in San Francisco. The tour dates are as follows;

Sat Mar 14 – Goleta, Residence Hall
Tue Mar 17 – Phoenix, Chasers
Wed Mar 18- Austin, SXSW
Thurs Mar 19- Austin, SXSW
Friday Mar 20- Austin, SXSW
Sat Mar 21 – Austin, SXSW
Mon Mar 23 – Santa Fe, Moonlight Lounge
Tue Mar 24 – Denver, The Marquis Theater
Wed Mar 25 – Salt Lake City, The Urban Lounge
Fri Mar 27 – Seattle, WA Nectar’s
Sat Mar 28 – Portland, Someday Lounge
Sun Mar 29 – Eugene, WOW Hall
Mon Mar 30 – San Francisco, Bottom of the Hill
Tue Mar 31 – Reno, The Tonic Lounge
Fri Apr 3 – Santa Barbara, Club Mercy
Sat Apr 4 – Costa Mesa, Detroit Bar

And if you want to hear more;
Rootbeer MySpace Page
Pigeon John
Flynn Adam

10 Coolest Music Industry Homies by Th' Mole

(Legendary Wizard: Before you read this, I wanted to spout some knowledge; Th' Mole is an awesome dude, I gave his album Whirled Fusion a quick review when it came out and he's been nothing but cool to me, so when he asked if I'd publish this article, naturally I hopped on it. Hopefully he'll be writing more articles for LHH in the future, but for now, please enjoy! I thought it'd be nice to kick of the new year with a guest writer... check the links after each description and support some real underground music!)

In no particular order, these people have all helped me out a lot, for no particular reason, which is extremely rare to find in this self-centered art biz.

Hectic Recs - Based in Netherlands, run by Jorrit Hompe. Jorrit has done a lot for me, from helping to release my first vinyl (yay!) to booking tons of awesome shows across Europe, including opening slots for legends like DJ Krush, Venetian Snares, etc.

Anti-Party Music - Another record label, based in Finland, run by Tommi, AKA Eevil Stoo, who is horrible about returning e-mail and therefore not very much in touch with me anymore. But even though we don't converse much these days, I will never forget the awesome treatment I received 2004-2006, from awesome shows with Orko and the Birdy Gang, to the Organopolis EP cassette release, making a little nobody like me feel very special.

Dis.eased Wrekkids - Run by the homie William, this little start-up label has been very supportive, featuring me in the super cool Healing Cancer zine and CD compilation, distributing my releases, and offering sage advice. Also, this dude has done us Westerners the huge favor of importing the music of Homicide, a very cool politically-minded noise rap group from Indonesia. Link!

Mochipet & Daly City Records - Astonishingly, I've come to find that Daly City Records is run almost completely by Mochipet, AKA my savior. In the past Mochipet has helped me out by booking me at shows, and collaborating on several songs. I'm very happy about my new relationship with this label, and I hope that it will make me filthy rich!!

S.P.A.Z. - The Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone is a very loosely organized collective of artists, thinkers, veggie buses, and soundsystems, based mainly in the Bay Area, and has warmly embraced me. S.P.A.Z. magically mutates, adapts, contracts and expands with bare-bones funding and volunteer participation. When I am rich and famous I hope to make S.P.A.Z. my touring crew.

5lowershop - The 5lowershop warehouse collective (based in S.F.) is the demon-haunted, drug-addicted offspring of S.P.A.Z., well-known for showcasing the best in loud and dirty electronic music. They are sort of dark and creepy but we get along well, for some reason. Shout out to Heartworm.

Otherworld - Another warehouse/soundystem collective, based in Oakland. I used to live in the same warehouse and we have continued to do shows and hang out since then. These guys know how to do underground electronic events correctly, and they are nice!

Sugarbunni - This girl has helped me a lot by booking me at various events. We were doing a monthly event for a while, which quickly deteriorated cause we had trouble working together in that capacity, but we have remained relatively close even through sour times, and I will be forever grateful for all her help.

Chrome Kids - This is a blog. My man, The Kaptin, has been super supportive of me recently, going far above and beyond the usual amount of engagement between press and artists. Again, this dude was just some stranger who decided to help me, and this is ever-so-rare for me, so I really appreciate it.

Nomar Slevik - He's a rapper, based in Portland, Maine, who I've known, only via internet, for about 7 years now, and we've done a lot of collaborating and conversing. This is one rare dude that I know I can count on, whether I need to borrow money, get some quality mastering, or I just need an instant message shoulder to cry on.

Legendary Hip Hop: BACK ONLINE for 2009!

Legendary Hip Hop is finally back online… it’s been one setback after another but I’ve finally managed to get things together again and this time with a lot more vigor. I’ve got some guest writers who will be doing columns and some people I’m still talking to who will hopefully hop on board. The Legendary Hip Hop team is growing, and in a fantastic way, so props to everybody. I’ll name the new staff as soon as everybody’s involved. It’s looking good, but I don’t want to name names when it’s not definite yet.
I've also teamed up with Hex to do album reviews here and there for his new Nerdapalooza E-Zine! So if you're into other types of music, don't worry, we've got you covered.

Since organization is a key part in making everything run nicely, here’s a rundown of the columns I will be managing myself;

  • Wine Country Hip Hop -- Focusing on hip hop in Sonoma County, WCHH is a bi-weekly column profiling either a hip hop artist, a group, an artist, or a show in the Sonoma County area. The main focus is on interviews and information to get people more active locally.
  • The Underground -- Articles focusing on underground hip hop artists, album releases, and so much more! Really, this one’s kind of pushing just falling into the news articles and other various updates, so we’ll see what happens to it as a column. Bi-weekly, presumably.
  • Nerds are Hip Hop Too! -- NaHHT is a weekly column covering the who’s who and what’s what in Nerdcore Hip Hop, pointing out releases, notable artists, interviews, and LOTS of free music!
  • Don’t Forget the Music -- Bi-weekly column discussing the instrumentals behind hip hop, something the mainstream has forgotten about in favor of three-note synth beats… DFtM is bringing back the real beats, the real beat smiths, and is planning on showing off some seriously talented instrumentalists in the underground scene.
  • Artist of the Month -- Huge interviews and profiles on my choice artist of the month. Think of it as the main course… I’m gonna be posting up free tracks, some free albums, album art, pictures, interviews… the whole Shebang! It’s a doozy.
  • Weekly Album Review -- Exactly what you’d expect. Each week I’ll throw up a review of a certain spectacular album that catches my ear. If it’s a freely distributed album, I’m going to put it up there as well.

Also, the other things that are in the works are wicked; I’ll be putting together monthly mixtapes of tracks I like that have been distributed for free in .zip and .rar files with liner notes so you know why I chose everything (starting February), photographs of dope street art in Sonoma County, guest authors putting together columns to share their wisdom, original compilations, a Sonoma County Events Calendar, and more! So get excited, why don’t you!

It’s a new year and time for a new branch of LHH to take form! Welcome to 2009, ladies and gentlemen!

Temporary Hiatus

I apologize for the lack of recent posts, as I have been completely swamped with worries about getting a job. I'm currently at a point where I do not have a job and with the way the economy is right now... not a lot of prospects.

I'm also trying to redesign Legendary Hip Hop because it's still not what I want it to be. I want to get more out of this so it's going to go through a lot of changes soon.

Bear with me! I want to get on track, give me a little time and I promise I'll be back. Check back on Sunday for some new fun things.

Once again, sorry for my pause in posting, it's not just laziness, it's the need to change things around.

Art Show: It's Our Year (2009)

I met Jimmy Hits when I went down to L.A. for West Coast Wig Out and he told me about his art crew, The Majority, and that they put on a monthly art show in Petaluma. Unfortunately for me, I have not been able to attend because the shows are all 21+, but they feature themed art by members of The Majority as well as live music. But the real kicker? It's a free art show, which means that you have no reason not to check it out. There's another one coming up this month on the 24th, and since I can't go, you should. Check out the flier, go to the show, say what's up to JHits for me, and have a good time!

This time though, I'm going to try and get the owners of the venue to let me in on the pretense that I'm a member of the underground hip hop media and that this would be good exposure for their place. We'll see what comes of it.