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I apologize for the lack of posts recently, as things have been hectic around here. I've got some great stuff coming up, just bear with the temporary pauses. Here's a brief overview of what is coming soon:

1. West Coast Wig Out special: The excitement (and tension) build! The who's who at WCWO and why you should be watching this show. This article is going to have a bunch of cool information and reasons why you should not miss this one.

2. The Creation of Battle Stations!: the new group formed between myself and chiptunes hero AtariMatt, on the label Sinkhole Texas Inc., and what it's all about.

3. Interview with Overturned Big Rig about the Petaluma, CA music scene and what his music is all about.

4. The long-awaited Legendary Wizard full-length album (featuring some special guests) coming in November.

5. Interview with world class yo-yo master and rapper/chiptunes artist Doctor Popular, coverage of the YT Cracker/MC Lars/Frontalot show in San Francisco, and more stuff, all in due time!

6. The possibility of a Legendary Hip Hop magazine... it's in the works right now, but it won't surface at all until probably around January at the earliest, there's a lot to be done. I'm looking for writers right now as well as sponsors. Though, this publication would be under a different name, and there's more details I'm working out about it these days, so I'll do an article on it at some point when more information is hammered out.

7. Sinister Six Review: You'd better believe I'm gonna do a review on this one! I've been hyping it up because it's going to be so damn wicked and I know it. I'll have a review out as soon as I get through listening to it a couple times.

Huge Madhatter Interview: Sinister Six! Midwest Nerdfest!

With the Invasion of the Mic Snatchers release by nerdcore supergroup Sinister Six now set for an October 25th release date, I couldn't help myself but ask the Scrub Club front man of the group, Madhatter, if he'd be interested in doing an interview. Low and behold, he was interested, and here on Legendary Hip Hop we have the definitive Sin Six and Midwest Nerdfest interview with the man behind the madness.

If you're yearning for more afterwards, Madhatter is going to be on The Takeover Sunday night talking with none other than fellow Sin Six member Zealous1, so don't miss it. Check out for more information!

Why the name "Sinister Six"?
If anyone out there is a Marvel Comics fan, then they will get the reference immediately. However, for the rest of you, I'll explain it. Basically, back in the day, Spider-Man pissed off a lot of bad guys. After getting their asses handed to them by Spidey like every other day, six of them decided to ban together. Each one thought they were more than capable of defeating Spider-Man by themselves, but they figured all six of them together would be impossible to defeat.
That's my reasoning behind the name, because all of us are dope emcees, but this six together? Shit, you better start packing and find the first Greyhound bus out of state, because we come hard like Voltron or Tommy's Dragon Zord, know what I mean? We connect, we combine, we shoot lasers out of our shoulders and shit and we leave no competition alive.

How'd you come up with the Sin Six lineup? There are a lot of fantastic artists and I would assume they're all pretty busy with other work as well. What did their vocal styles contribute to the overall sound of the album?

Oh lawd. Sin Six has been though many different lineups, just like the Marvel Sinister Six, really. When I first came up with this concept, it was 2003 or so, and I had gathered together a group of newcomers and Hip Hop elders here in my city of Wichita. However, that fell through due to a few lazy people in the group... I decided to bring back the project when I realized how incredibly supportive the Nerdcore family is. That being said, here's how it all went down:

Benjamin Bear was down right away when I offered a spot. He was someone who I really respected and is my favorite underground musician at the moment. He's so versatile, so original, and so talented in many ways. He ended up providing the "wiry, crazy" vocal sets for the album, almost like the Zack de la Rocha of rap, but at other times, he's what I call the Hip Hop Hippy. His shit's out of this world. I don't mean to pick favorites or anything, but I also think his presence on Invasion Of The Mic Snatchers is just KILLER. Dude comes out swinging with some of the craziest, rudest flows you've ever heard. And he's different on every single track. You aren't going to believe it.

Chester was ready to finally start recording after a few years of writing dope rhymes and having no outlet to pour them from. Originally, his spot was taken by former Scrub Club member Big Stephen, but business just didn't work out. When Steve was out of the picture, Chester jumped in and just set the mic on fire. It's his first time recording ANY music, let alone Hip Hop on this level, and I'm very proud of him. My favorite verse on the whole album is his in "Deeper." Gives me shivers, the visuals that kid puts into my head. His vocal style is mostly monotone and snappy, it's truly an original style I've never heard before. It sneaks up and commands attention to his deep lines and twisted metaphors.

Loki? I love that cat. But first, I have to tell you... There was originally a female member of the Six - Shelshocker. However, throughout the process of this album taking place, she suddenly had to be a full-time mother, part-time worker, and an excellent wife at the same time. That's my girl and I love her to death. It was also the first time she'd ever recorded or written anything, and I thought she did great. Due to time and difficulties, she stepped aside and let MC_Loki take her place. He stepped in and I swear to Gog (Yes, Gog) that he had all but one of his verses recorded within the first week. Let's just say he was eager, hah. He's just got about a year under his belt on music work, but he's 157% dedicated and is a great collaborator, friend, and business partner. I'd tell you about his vocal styles, but honestly, this dude switches it up in almost every song. That's another great quality he has, always growing, always leveling up.

YTCracker, hahhh. I had been tuning in to his shit through various sources (I think I may have found his music on YTMND to begin with, believe it or not) for about 2 years, and I really dug him. Like Dig Dug, I wanted to dig him and blow him up! So I figured I'd offer him a spot before I knew exactly how big he was to the scene. After he gladly accepted and was excited to get to work, I was as humble as possible. We're all grateful to have him as a part of Sin Six, and damn does he tear shit up. He's like that, he's always either ripping the mic to shreds or he's making you laugh.

He's the smooth one of our bunch, the ladykiller if you will...
Well... if you don't count out our killer Splatterhouse teddybear ZeaLous1, that is. Here's the epitome of the big ol' dude that girls love nowadays, but he's also just about as rough as it comes on the mic. Like Loki and Chester's entrance to the group, this spot was originally taken by former Kare Bear Mafia member MC Donalds. However, as his group fell apart and he dealt with moving and drama of his own, he opened up the position and I went on the hunt. Zealous was an obvious shoe-in, and I killed myself for not thinking of him in the beginnings of these plans. He also accepted with excitement and laid down some monstrous, complex rhymes. He's our My Pet Monster, giant-sized.

As for me, well, I elected me. Haha. I suppose I'm the "tank" of the group. I lay down hard hitting punches and keep a good base for every track to build from while the other 5 groups come up behind the bewildered enemies and destory them with their flows. I'd like to think I really came with a lot of variety in my styles for this one. One moment I'm rapping, the next I'm singing, the next I'm screaming like a pitbull bit the tip of my penis and wouldn't let go for about 7 whole minutes.

What was the recording process like? How did it all come together, since you guys are scattered all over the map? I know people are interested in knowing how it works to have a rap group that never gets to work together in person.

It was a nightmare, haha. I hope people realize just how hard it was for me to get this album out quickly under all the problems, sacrifices, and scheduling that came crashing down around all of us. Here's some elements that slowed the projects down:

- Three Sin Six members got married (but not to eachother, eww)
- Three member switches

- I learned two new mastering techniques and had to go back to make everything sound better both times

- Me and former Sin Six member Shelshocker had a Daughter come into our life

- Family problems for most members

- Four job or hourly schedule changes

- A few friends of members became sick, one even was close to death for a bit

- Severe rootkit virus attack on my computer about two months back (Still working on that)

- Member communication slowing and sometimes halting for a month at a time
- Six of the busiest motherfuckers in life, I swear, haha Etc. etc. ...

So if anyone was wondering before, now you know what we faced in making this album.
The process was simple enough - I made beats and posted them to the members through a special website that only we could see, with directions and track mappings so everyone could know where they came in on a track and what the subject was. From there, the members sent their raw vocals to me, I fixed them up and mixed them down. This process is MADDENING with six different people, haha. Luckily, Chester (and at one time Shel and Stephen) lived locally and we could record on my equipment. As for Bear, Loki, Zeal, and YT, that shit was just difficult to equal out in the final mix. But I was up for the challenge. The final product is fantastic. (I hope?)

Considering that you put one together, what do you see for the future of Nerdcore Supergroups?

I'd like to think we're the Wu Tang of Nerdcore now, haha. That's the spirit of our project, really. As for other groups, I hope it wakes more people up to collaborations, no matter how out-of-reach the goal may seem. It's possible, we're living proof, that the internet has become an awesome tool for musicians. Thousands of miles difference, yet we still put out dope product together. Network, people! Don't compete, combine! Join forces! CAPTTAINNN PLANNETTT!

Would you like to see more groups come together, or do you prefer individual artists? I'm a fan of individual artists releasing posse tracks and coming together for group projects myself, so I know I would like to see an expanse in group-work.
Group work is great only if the heart is really into it. I think all six of us have a great bond with eachother in respect... In other words, I didn't just put this project together so that six people can just lay out some fresh lines and not give a fuck about the actual album or the mission of the disc. We were all deeply mentally involved in the image, and I think THAT is what makes groups great. Otherwise, it's just a lame showcase of individual projects that ends up in a dead end. I enjoy both individuals and groups though, on seperate fronts. Groups are just harder to accomplish, so I admire the skill of the project more, you know?

Is there a future for Sinister Six? After this album, can we anticipate a follow-up? I know I'm already excited enough for this release, and I'd like to get excited for another potential release as well. haha

Shit, I know a good amount of us are cool with more music, but the difficulty of getting things together was rediculous, haha. I think you can at least expect a track or two to pop up now and then. As for an entire album? I guess you humans will just have to come out of your Vaults in 200 years and see if we're still on the surface. In the immediate future, though... if all cards are played right... The Sin Six brethren will be performing together LIVE at Midwest Nerdfest! Stay tuned to that!

If there are guest rappers on the album, how did you pick them?

TyT and The Ranger appear on the album doing lines. Doing lines... sniffing... lines... off of Kate Beckinsale's ass. No... wait. Sorry, I'll pass the lame cocaine humor and hot chick talk and get back to the interview. They're DROPPING lines of rhymes on a few tracks. TyT takes the intro on "Tear It Up" to get the listener ready for the verbal assault. The Ranger appears in the song "Herald," and at this time, I haven't even heard it yet. But it will be done by this weekend. I picked TyT because his style is just so hype and it fit perfectly for that nutty, hyphy (if you will) track. As for Ranger, his skills also impress me, so I asked that asshole if he wanted to do it and he said yes. The rest is history. Haha. Just fucking with ya, Ranger.

Who are your influences as an artist, and how did they help shape your style of rapping that you put out now?

As an artist, I would have to say Mike Patton and Tech N9ne are at the top of my list. Mike Patton doesn't even rap (mostly), he's just the God of all music and the muse of all noise creation. If you're unaware of him, better Wiki that shit immediately and download his 70+ projects. You wanna talk about a hard, dedicated worker in music, he's your guy, and my ultimate inspiration to make music the way I myself want to, and then if anyone else likes it, then that's all plus. As for Tech, he started from nothing... a drummer just like myself on the down-and-out, but he rose up higher and higher, got himself a major undergound label going, and does giant shows and works with giant people. He's also got giant talent, ANDRE the Giant talent. His ability to switch up his cadence just like we did on the snares growing up led me to experiment with my delivery, and I keep learning new tricks off of my own trials. So yeah, those two get me going when it's time to sit down and get to work.

For our readers, what is Scrub Club Records and what does it hope to do?

To put it simply, I started Scrub Club as a way for independent musicians to help eachother out, and to gather up all the stray underdogs (music or not) so we could be a family. That's the real simple version. The complex version, you can read all about on our site. But basically, we hope to reach out and teach people to live their own lives, stay positive but cynical and realistic, and also to prepare them for the upcoming collapse of the music industry... With things like Wal Mart choking prices from the major labels to idiots trying to pass the Orphan Music plan... the collapse will happen soon. We also believe in free trade of music and in return are completely not-for-profit. Head to our official site at to read all about my collapse theory and Scrub Club's mission statement.

Also for our readers, what is Midwest Nerdfest all about?

Ah! Excellent. I was hoping we'd talk about this. It's a 3-day festival that incorporates all objects that make us nerds: Role playing, video games, books, Nerdcore emcees and gaming cover bands, horror, anime, costumes, Alice In Wonderland, art, caffeine, meeting new people into the stuff we're into, movies, game shows, the list goes on and on. I started it for three reasons:

- To showcase Nerdcore / video game cover band talent and bring it for the first time to the true Midwest
- To get similar people together to build new friendships, collaborations, and business partners
- To host an event that mixes this all together instead of big events that just focus on one nerdy theme or event

It's non-profit, it's all funded by sponsors, and it's all about entertainment. It's gonna be a BLAST that weekend in March. Head to for more on all of that!

I'm looking at the current roster for Midwest Nerdfest. How did you go about choosing artists to perform? It seems to be being kept pretty much under wraps right now, so I'm waiting for more artists to pop up before I can get excited for any act over somebody else (but I will say that I can't wait to see Scrub Club's frontline live!).

Hah! Awesome to hear, man. Our new set is really gonna blow people's minds. Let's just say we're not your typical Hip Hop group on stage. I half chose the musicians and guests for Nerdfest that I truly wanted to see perform and bring out here to Kansas to spread their far-away message that I felt needed to be heard. The other half were people that came to me requesting a chance, or people suggested that needed help in getting their name out.

I won't say anything official, but we've got some really decent talent in the works. Newcomers AND superstars of the nerd world! Oh! And hot chicks, too, damn it!

So it seems like Midwest Nerdfest more than just a show. I'd like to think of it as something of cultural significance. You guys are going to be bringing together a lot of nerdy people in one place!

Indeed, and that's the main focus, a gathering of dorks from all over. It's definately not just a concert. We'll have console gaming, tabletop gaming, arcade games, live game shows with our guests, costume contests, silent auctions, guest panels and autograph signings, an Alice In Wonderland MadHatter's Tea Party, which will be a spot for Spoken Word performances and delicious tea from our homies Zoomdweebies ( and some energy drinks from Bawls. There will be a masquerade ball, movie screenings including a special VIP Breakfast Club showing including a dope breakfast buffer for a limited number of festivalgoers, live podcasts, a freestyle battle, a dance-off, and so much more that I have to keep a secret for now. Shit, I already said too much! This is going to be a very different and innovative convention.

What is the percieved future for the Nerdfest? Do you plan on making it an annual festival?
Yes, absolutely. Depending on how well this first year goes, of course. Any and all profit that is not donated to charity or local businesses will be cached away to save up for bigger guests, events, and prizes. Also, if it all goes peachy, we'll look to expand the size of the venue by about 350%.

The convention center looks fantastic. Uh... it's not a question, just a comment. I'm stoked to see a show there hahaha.
Ha! Hell yeah, man. The stage isn't very high, but it's wide and built hardcore, so crazy bands like Killer Ro-... I mean, uh... I mean, it's built very well and adaptable for large, insane stage shows during the concerts. As for the vendors and events, there's plenty of room for those as well, and you'll never find yourself with nothing to do!

What do you see for the future of your own music?
I'm about to slow it down a bit. After I finish my next major album "John Henry," I'm going to focus on helping out my labelmates release music as a priority over my own projects. But I will keep this label going strong until I'm too weak to click a mouse button. And at that time, I'll be passing it on to someone else. Scrub Club and the No Dough philosophy is important to me not just as a label's mission, but as a way of life for all Scrubs, underdogs, nerds, and freaks of society. We already have a new artist by the name of Deafinition that is gonna warp your brain like FTL travel on his first release. And Chester, who's a fresh guitarist, is also working on a crazy string and beat album that either he or I am singing on... and Benjamin Bear is going to release Nightmare People, more than likely sometime in 2009. Can't wait for that, either. Whew. Plus we have our Spoken Word album almost done... beyond that, we'll be open for collabs after Midwest Nerdfest is all said and done!

Any last words of wisdom? Shout-outs?

"Don't go sticking your dipstick in no dirty oil." That was from my uncle. I fucking hated that guy. But he's dead now anyway. Oh, here's some real advice! Join us here at Scrub Club so we can all take over this shitty excuse for today's rap scene so we can mold it back to the way music was done in the early 1900s. It could only benefit us all, and strike at the hearts of Soulja Boys everywhere.

Greets and cheers, pops and snaps to my Sin Six brethren, my loving wife and beautiful daughter, our fans, friends, and supporters, Kate Beckinsale, the Nerdcore community, Upper Deck Entertainment, Frank and the crew at Zoomdweebies, Marie Navarro at Bawls, The people who are about to bring us Fallout 3, Taco Bueno, OH! And Kate Beckinsale.

That's all for now, but expect some more great interviews in the near future. Thanks to Madhatter for being so cooperative and prompt. For more information about anything from the interview, check out the following:

Scrub Club Records Official Site

Sinister Six Official Site
MidWest Nerdfest Official Site
The Takeover!

GM4A Interview with 8-Bit Artist

From Thursday to Saturday night I was back in my hometown of Davis, spending some quality time with my parents and friends who still live in town, so I was busy and didn't spend any time online staying up to date on current events or writing any articles. I got back to Rohnert Park last night and was talking to Anthony about what he'd been up to and he pointed me toward an interview he conducted with 8-Bit Artist, an amazing guy who makes and sells a ton of great 8-bit and 16-bit themed art. Ever since I was introduced to his work, I really dug it, since it not only brings back memories of sitting in my friend's tree house playing all the NES games we could get in our grubby little hands, but it's spot on. His pieces range from great, to ultra-brilliant. One of my favorite pieces is a screen from Super Bomberman 3, which captures the intensity of an explosion of pixels on the canvas.

Anyway, I suggest reading the interview, as it is well written and interesting, giving a lot of insight into how 8-Bit Artist got into the work, what he's working on, what he plans to do, how he does it, and all sorts of interesting tidbits. Go ahead, don't be shy! Read it!

GM4A Interview: 8-Bit Artist

8-Bit Artist Official MySpace

And for the record, I should be getting another couple articles I've written up on the site soon, and FlipTape is coming too, so I'll keep you all posted on what that entails in the near future.

The New Order of West Coast Nerdcore

Upon the success of HexWarrior's brainchild, Nerdapalooza South East 2007 (usually abbreviated as NaPSE), the West Coast has responded with not only a positive attitude in trying to bring more nerd music to California, but a new order of West Coast NCHH show promotion has been born! With a lack of nerdcore shows in California and an abundance of musicians unable to put together their own shows, there has risen a new tier of NCHH promoters for the west coast. The West Coast Wig Out Team, headed by Anthony "Genoboost" Ruybalid (of GM4A) and John James "Legendary Wizard" Dudek (myself, the author), is not only putting together West Coast Wig Out and Nerdapalooza WEST, a partner of NaPSE, but also planning on expanding to connect nerd music artists of all genres into a large California-based network, so that in the near future there will be more shows, collaborations, album releases, and festivals put together by members of all nerd musicians, be they a part of nerdcore hip hop, VG rock, chiptunes, comedy rock, or what have you.

With several shows in planning, and the upcoming West Coast Wig Out showcasing some of California's nerdcore talent, both known and unknown, it is hard to deny the emergence of the west coast as a major player for nerd music in years to come. Genoboost and myself are working to create a friendly music environment spanning all of California in order to make it easier for musicians to readily work together. Cross-genre collaborations are already opening doors to music previously never thought possible. The April 2008 release of Game Music 4 All's Here Comes a New Challenger (available here) provided a groundbreaking multi-genre collaboration experience for many. I know that in my own experiences working on a track for this album, being paired with chiptunes artist AtariMatt exposed me to not only a style I have never stepped into before, but also a network of musicians to work with and share music.

With Anthony working from his home base of Los Angeles and myself working from my location in Rohnert Park (located about 1 hour from San Francisco), we are looking to become forces in California nerd music show planning. But don't get me wrong; The two of us are not looking for a monopoly, but rather trying to form a more solid network between ALL nerd musicians, and not just those of the same genre, as well as hoping to encourage others to start shows of their own, put together compilations, work together, and get more music out there for the world to hear. Though there is constantly a struggle to play more shows, release more music, gain more fans, and be a part of more collaborations, generally the nerdcore hip hop scene is freindly and tends to work together to spread the genre just as much as artists work to promote themselves individually. We want to keep it that way.

The new order of west coast nerdcore is now! The key players of west coast nerdcore hip hop will be quite apparent by the end of Summer 2009, both musically and in the planning department. But don't count out those who are going to rise up to the challenge, either. And this summer, with such a powerful roster of nerd msuic shows and festivals, how can the general public ignore this uprising? Nerdapalooza WEST, NaPSE II, Midwest Nerdfest, as well as PAX and CES showcasing nerd music... it is obvious that we're all in this together. There's no stopping us. But the West Coast is coming forth and shaping up its act. A lack of shows and an abundance of musicians is such a waste of potential talent.

Soon we will be seeing a massive surge in nerd music shows all throughout California, and when we look back on it, we'll see that Genoboost and myself pushed it to the limit. Just wait, then look at the history books.

The message: Start booking shows, start putting out albums, collaborate with each other, release compilation albums. Work together. The west coast is going to be a powerplayer, and the time is now!

-John James "Legendary Wizard" Dudek

The Sinister Six!


The Sinister Six
, nerdcore's most powerful supervillain supergroup has an album due to drop any day now, and I'm only getting more and more excited about it's release. Formed by Scrub Club Records headman Madhatter McGinnis, the current Sin Six lineup is absolutely astounding; Madhatter, Zealous1, YTCracker, Benjamin Bear, MC_Loki, and scene newcomer Chester. A slight change from the original 2007 Sin Six lineup (Chester first replaced Big Stephen, and later MC_Loki replaced Shelshocker, both of whom originially appeared on the "Make Way" track and music video), the group still looks to be a powerhouse of musical genius. Originally developed some time around 2004 by Scrub Club Records (with, aside from Madhatter, a completely different lineup) but never completed, the Sinister Six setup and name resurfaced with a slew of fresh, incredibly talented emcees and a new agenda some time in 2007.

What was once a secret project, only characterized by silhouettes of the emcees and clues to their individual identities, The Sinister Six has become the talk of the nerdcore hip hop community, and one of the most anticipated NCHH albums this year. And furthermore, it looks at this point to be a free release! Hopefully, this will stay the case. The release date is not yet set, however, and the wait is frustrating myself (and I'm sure many other fans).

What I'm really hoping for, though, is a potential live performance by the Six at one of this summers' nerdcore festivals. I would assume that most of the members will be available for Nerdapalooza SE 2009, and hopefully they will also be assembled for MidWest Nerdfest. Of course, it's only a hope that they are even planning on performing together as a group, since there has been no leaked information on any plans of the sort. But hey, I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, I think it's important that we all sit back and just wait. The Sinister Six invasion is coming, and there's nothing we can do until it's all in the bag. The Invasion of the Mic Snatchers, according to the Official MySpace page, is due to release on 10.?.08, which means we can expect the album in less than a month.

Sinister Six Official Webpage
Sinister Six MySpace
Scrub Club Records Official Webpage

"Rap's got a glitch and we got the fix // Ya'll make way for the Sinister Six!" --Make Way (2007)

West Coast Wig Out

West Coast Wig Out, presented by, is an all-day music festival showcasing California's amazing lineup of Nerdcore Hip Hop music. The brainchild of Anthony "Genoboost" Ruybalid, West Coast Wig Out intends to show that the East Coast isn't the only place to find nerd music festivals. In his words, "I want to organize a show like this to help get the nerdcore and vgm scenes more organized around Southern California. Also, to put on a big fun show for people to enjoy and for these acts to gain more recognition and fans." With such a fantastic lineup to boot, the show can't be less than absolutely fantastic.

Scheduled to perform: Zealous1, Super Barrio Brothers, Sudden Death, Nomad, MC Mega, MC Cheshire Grin, Maja, Legendary wizard, IllGill, GOSHone, Chubby Chasers, A_Rival, and more. Links to artists' music is available on the official WCWO webpage (a link is provided below).
Below are a couple questions I had for Anthony regarding the show:

Why should people attend this show?
"People should attend the show for a few reasons. One, people who love video games will meet many other like minded people, including the performers, who are all video game lovers. Two, people who aren't big fans of the sort of music being played on the radio may find more common ground in these underground hard working musicians who only care about getting their music out there. Three, It should just be a good old fashioned awesome show with lots of talent!"
What's in store for the future of GM4A's show promotion?
If this show is successful we hope to be doing many more shows in the future around California, mostly in my home base of Los Angeles though. Hopefully shows large and small, and encompassing more styles such as chiptunes, and VG rock.
Anything else you'd like to say about the show?
The only thing I have to add is that this will be the single biggest show for nerdcore in California to date. It will hopefully mark the beginning of many more amazing shows! Also bare with us as this is the first all day event we are organizing!

When and Where:
12PM-1AM November 15th, 2008
11334 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

The show only costs a measly $10, so if you're in the area, don't be shy, don't be cheap, and come support the Nerdcore hip hop scene. If you're interested in other events and music that GM4A is putting out, check out their website. There are VG music compilations, nerd music news, and much more.

West Coast Wig Out Official Website

Legendary Wizard's Birthday!

It is my birthday today, and I shall treat it as such! I'm watching Iron Man: Special Edition, eating corndogs and homemade potato chips, kicking back with everybody, and just relaxing.

But more importantly, I'm not writing any articles today and I might do a double-post tomorrow or something to make up for it.

Nerdcore's original supergroup Emergency Pizza Party finally has a website! It's got pages for all the members, news, show dates, all their music, pictures and video, a store, and to top it all off, they've got a sweet-ass forum! The bit I've been taking advantage of, however, is the convenient availability of all of EPP's music in one location! I've gotten tracks that I'd never heard before (I Want to Get on It, Calico Alley) and Iv'e been able to get those tracks that left my computer like all of my other lost files.

Actually, with the emergence of their website, I was able to discover that lost members Fanatical and Benjamin Bear have rejoined the group (apparently this was made public at Nerdapalooza SE but since I didn't go and was so disappointed that I didn't want to read anything about the show, I had no clue until the other day). I was clued in by the exciting biography, available on the INFO page of their website.

EPP at CES (with some other people)

If you don't already know who Emergency Pizza Party is, you're missing out. Created in 2005, emcees MC Wreckshin, Sir Up, Betty Rebel, Fanatical, Benjamin Bear, and DJ JeffMK have been rocking the underground charts, creating fantastic (and often ridiculous) songs, and pioneering the "guerilla rap project" (which I'm currently writing an article on).

Check out the website here:

Currently in the works is a full-length album tentatively titled Underground Dinosaurs Rule China and another album (due before the end of the year) titled Z.E.D.

Anticipating... 8-Bit Boys - 8-Bit Diagrams!

The 8-Bit Boys's album 8-Bit Diagrams has become available for pre-order! If you don't know, the 8-Bit Boys are a nerdcore hip hop supergroup created by Entity, featuring himself, The Ranger (of The Down Underdogs), TYT, and the nerdrap king himeself, YTCracker. With such an incredible line-up, it's hard to imagine anything less than extraordinary music coming out of this group. In their words:

"The NES was truely an amazing console. Most of our fondest memories are from those grey cartridges we’d have to blow out half a dozen times just to get them to work. Yes, the games were great but the music was also quite a spectacle to behold. From Adventure Island to Zelda, it wasn’t only the gameplay that got you into the game...but also the soundtrack. We, as fans of that music aim to take it a step further, by combining it with hip-hop elements and create something entirely new..."

The album should be nothing short of spectacular, though it hasn't been stated how many tracks are going to be on the final cut, which bothers me. At the low price of $9.99, though, how can you pass it up? Sure, it's expensive if you're used to all the free music the nerdcore community has put out, but the quality of the entire album is surely going to blow the majority of nerdcore albums out of the water. And I'm willing to bet that 8-Bit Diagrams is one hell of an album, so I'm going to preorder it (as soon as there's money in my PayPal account. For more information, visit their webite (preorder it and watch the intro video) or MySpace (there's a couple songs up and some interesting trailers):

8-Bit Boys Official Website
8-Bit Boys MySpace

As soon as this album comes out I'll be doing a full review on it!

A New Beginning

Welcome to the new and improved Legendary Hip Hop website! I figured it was time that I do a complete overhaul and I'm working on a new setup for everything right now because I didn't like how it previously looked, I wasn't posting very often at all, and I just felt like I ought to do this properly if I'm going to do it at all.

I'll be posting what's going on soon, but right now I have to do a lot of work outside of my music projects and taking care of business means putting some things on hold.

Expect the Legendary Hip Hop blog to look real nice soon! And expect some good posts, too!

This is under construction!