Big Huge Truck

When is this album coming out? I can't get enough of the tracks that are on the MySpace page and I have absolutely no idea when this release is set to come out!! I first heard House on Wheels (feat. Noah23) when it was listed as a track on one of Noah's mixtapes (which was released as "feat. Gregory Pepper") and I fell in love with it. And MadadaM, ever since I heard Train Rawbers, has been one of my favorite producers of all time. And then, with the fairly recent release of "With Trumpets Flaring" by Gregory Pepper... I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS ALBUM!

If you don't know, the project is a collaboration between MadadaM and Gregory Pepper, two prolific artists, teamed up with a slew of the most wicked Canadian rappers (and probably other people as well). As you'll see on their MySpace, they've already teamed up with Noah23, Ceschi, Livestock, and Blue Blue Heron. And every song is great.

Right now I've been listening to the track Cautionary Tales nonstop, which features a genius collaboration with rapper Ceschi, and one of the best transitions I've ever heard in my life... so what am I going to do until the full album is out? I guess it's time to keep listening to the MySpace player and pray that these fantastic artists get crackin'!

Check it out:

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