Noah23 & Krem "The Terminal Illness EP"

Released today, "The Terminal Illness EP," a collaboration between Guelph hip hop legend Noah23 and Utah producer Krem (aka Drone Jones) is a (disappointingly) appropriate title for one of Noah's final releases.

By the way, this release is completely badass.

You can purchase/listen to the release here: Listen HERE

On May 3rd, the rapper posted on his FaceBook account that he would be retiring at the end of the year. Though he still has a few more scheduled releases (OCCVLT TRXLL PART II and Crunk23's "Illegal Ideas Incorporated"), this means there may be no hope for a Weird Apples Volume II or a follow up album to his amazing album "Fry Cook on Venus," which came out earlier this year on Circle Into Square / Fake Four.

Will he actually retire? Hopefully not.

Noah's got hip hop in his blood, he'll be back.

In the meantime, enjoy this release!

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