Blu and Sene - Stoopid

I'm sittin' here lookin' up things to plant in the garden for October. That's important, y'know, 'cause you can't eat the stuff they grow for the stores these days and nothin' tastes good like food picked right before it gets cooked. Anyway, I've got youtube open so I can browse around and listen to some music. I'm not on my computer so I don't have access to my library.

I'm listenin' to stuff off of Ron Contour and Factor's Saffron, which I have yet to purchase, and I accidentally click on a link to a song by Blu and Sene, which leads me on a quest all over listening to these guys. How have I never heard of them before?!

Super fresh stuff, if you haven't heard anything by either of them, here's a good start:

Blu feat. Sene - Stoopid

This track is mad fresh, flows smooth, beat's tight. All around badass. I think I've listened to this four times in a row now.

I'm gonna check these guys out.

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