I moved to Portland

There's a point where every person who writes a blog gets distracted with real life. That's just the truth; you know it and I know it. I like writing about the hip hop that I listen to and sharing the jams and won't deny it but sometimes I find myself caught up in work and all of the projects that regular life throws my way. I've got a finished mixtape that I just need to write about before I throw it up here and there are some seriously rad releases that I need to tell all ya'll about but here's a slice of my life instead.

Recently, I moved to Portland, Oregon, a food hub of the world which has a burgeoning hip hop scene. I missed a show up here recently with Kool Keith but that happens. I did catch the end of a show yesterday in which Sole was headlining but I didn't get to see Josh Martinez, Ceschi, VTRN, and Bleubird. I got a job as a server at a pub and I work for free doing kitchen prep at another joint. I'm adjusting to all the radness that this town has to offer but I don't even have internet in my house and thus don't blog much right now.

Life is good. Portland is tight. I'm about to get down on some hip hop myself because I haven't rapped on stage in a couple years and just the energy of the show last night made me want to get back in that game.

Currently listening to: Moka Only: Airport 3

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Subcomandante Chinchinilllllllllllllllla!!! said...


You turned us onto some righteous Canuck hip hop when we were at your pub last weekend. Diggin' the new wordburglar! Looking forward to the other crews you wrote down for us but just wanted to say thanks and good luck. It ain't easy movin' but we're glad you did because running into you means much freshness for our earholes. Good luck getting back into the game!!!