Lyric of the Week

"I've never met Pip Skid but I've seen the effects on everyone who did."
-- Bleubird (from Music Appreciation II by Epic, from the album Aging is What Friends do Together on Hand'Solo Records).

Why this lyric? I don't even listen to Pip Skid, mainly because I accidentally deleted his album from my hard drive (and I should download it again), but I listen to Epic daily, because he's one of my favorite emcees right now. This track is off of Epic's latest album, which everybody should listen to, but this lyric has been really blown me.

I think what it is about this line is that it is so simple but it has such emotion behind it. It is powerful. Plain as day.

But why is it so powerful? I would have to say the delivery of it has a lot to do with it but it's really important to note what it infers; meeting Pip Skid will change your life. And I don't mean to say it in a pretentious way, but I can see that. I've met people and heard music that really changed the way I thought/think about music and life, and everything inbetween.

In all, incredible.

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