Quick Collaboration Trees.

I'm always on the lookout for artists or albums I have never heard before, and the easiest way to find things is through collaboration searching. No doubt I've heard a lot of music through word of mouth and just by simply stumbling across things, but there's nothing that gets me to an album more quickly than hearing a great guest spot on an album.
Here's my latest download/discovery spree:

Epic > Kay the Aquanaut > K the I > etc., etc.

Not that I hadn't heard of K the I before, listening to Epic caused me to stumble across his album when I was browsing What.cd. K the I? I heard that fool on Train Rawbers first, fantastic album.

Noah23 > Gregory Pepper > Wormhole > Barracuda > etc., etc.

I've been expanding my mind. Every time I hear a great collaboration, I go find whatever I can from the guest on the track and download everything I can. Sometimes I come up empty-handed, sometimes it's a gem. I just follow artists, song titles, and whatever else comes my way until I discover new music. Everything is entangled together in a massive and ingenious web. Take advantage of that.

Keep working together, it's how a lot of us find out about you.

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