Track of the week -- Groundhog Emcees

A track of the week that has no direct download? I apologize, but I don't have proper hosting and so I'm bringing you to the album itself, but it's worth downloading the entire album because it is fantastic. It's free, too, so don't get in a hissy fit because you have to lose a little bit of space on your computer. This album is epic, as is the track.

One of the best ways to hear new artists is, as I have mentioned previously, to catch them on a track with another artist you already listen to. As I have been expanding my horizons as much as I can recently I have found collaborations to be the best creations in the world.

A track that consistently blows me away right now, with artists I had not heard before:

Groundhog Emcees off of Touch's album Dead Words, available FOR FREE on Hand'Solo Records.

Groundhog Emcees features Touch, AC the Ace, Max Prime, Advice, Epic, Planit, Whatevski, and Lexington.

Artists from all across the board are here, bringing forth their rhyme stylings and different flows to create an epic closing track to one of my favorite Canadian hip hop albums. You can catch this track for free, so don't miss it. I can't express how important collaboration tracks are for networking and finding new listeners.


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Tankx said...

Goodmorning LW, I took a gander at Touch's album Dead words and would just like to say that it is briliant. Really enjoyed So What and Groundhop Emcees. I also listend to Epic's album Aging is What Friends do Together and i must say that Rhyming into a four track was fantastic. Keep up the good work.