I'm back ya'll!

So... many apologies for disappearing for such a long time and not posting but I've been at work on a secret project for a while now and I'm getting everything in order... Legendary Hip Hop is back on track now, however, and expect sporatic posts throughout the weeks to come!

Right now, though, I wanna say, I've been listening to TONS of music I've been stumbling upon or given and there are some reviews to be put up and music to share! So stop searching yourself, 'cause I'm gonna give it to you straight.

Recently I've aquired some fantastic albums and they are most radical:
Grandmaster Pink is Nerdier than You, by Grandmaster Pink (aquire for FREE!)
GooseBumps 3.0 compilation put out by Milled Pavement Records
Welcome to Fuckland by Nomar Slevik
Million Dollar Fantasy Freak Show Mixtape by Billy the Fridge (aquire for FREE!)
and more!

So I'll be putting up some reviews soon and sharing the good music.

Keep listening!

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