No Davis Hip-Hop...

I love the town I live in.
Davis, CA is a bright and cheerful town full of music and art and people and culture.

The one thing it doesn't have is a solid hip hop scene.

This is a problem, and one I'm willing to start fixing.

In the meantime I'll be plugging into my ZUNE and walking around this lovely city with the hip hop on call, and when I want to see a show, well, I'll be seeing indie legends around here, which suits me quite nicely. Two nights ago I caught Spider Friends, Ribbons, and Olive Drive. Great lineup, great sets, over at The Shack. There were less than fifty people there, it was fantastic, and as always, everybody kicked it. But as much as I loved the show, I'd like to see some serious hip hop shows here, so I'm going to get on that.

I'm currently listening to Hip Hop Wieners: All Beef, No Chicken. It's a combination of John Smith and Pip Skid, from Break Bread and the label Peanuts & Corn. This album is fantastic, it's a really great crew, and then you get all these great guest spots too, like Gruf and Birdapres. I've been bumping this pretty often the last few weeks.

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Thirtyseven said...

I'd like to rap with you about that: scene-building. I'm a Vermonter who wound up in Springfield, IL and there's almost nothing here. I'd like to change, that, too, and recently been thinking about it a lot.

If you're down, my email is