Id Obelus is awesome + 2 FREE albums

I don't know if you are entirely aware, but Mr. Rick Haschel, known to the majority of you as Id Obelus, is a totally freakin' awesome dude.

I first heard his music... hm... probably through... I dunno. I heard it a while ago when I managed to get my hands on the DJ Bizkid & Id Obelus Fully Automatic Mixtape and it was totally radical. Smash Your Television was too fresh. And of course he dropped that super kickass guest track on Nomar Slevik and Ame One's Stonehenge Diaries.

Anyway... point is, the dude has fresh raps and he introduced me to some artists that I didn't know before. He e-mailed me a couple albums the other day that I'm happy to share with you guys:

Id Obelus - Freemixes '09
This is a remix album of Obelus' stuff, so click here for a FREE DOWNLOAD!

Dreadnots - Robotic Hands of God Voice of the Last Days
As described by Id, it's "a psychadelic instrumental hiphop album from Pittsburgh's Dreadnots"
(I've been bumping Dreadnots' other album The Giant Trips for the last few days and I must say, it's a superb album! Keep 'em comin', Dreadnots are hot fyah!)

Download these goods, burn 'em to CDs and bump them in your car when you drive around town. Seriously awesome, and thanks to Id for the goods. Keep listening, and never pass up on some free, good hip hop!

This is all about sharing, right?
(It sure is.)

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