Lexington and Whatevski - Preggers Can't Be Choosers

I finally got my mitts on a copy of Preggers Can't Be Choosers by the legendary duo of Lexington and Whatevski. After seeing their music video for the "hit single" Shotgun a Beer I was pretty pumped for this release but I only managed to get a copy two days ago (and I blame myself for that). It was worth the wait.
I've only listened to it once all the way through but I've got good words to say about it already:

The vast majority of the album kicks ass. The rapping is wicked, especially on tracks like Lexington's Brain and Shotgun a Beer. The production is fresh, and for whatever reason they're dropping more danceable tracks (hear Fireworks in a Lightning Storm). I preferred the production on Customer Appreciation Day but this is certainly good as well, it's just different. And it's also got an incredible verse by returning guest Hollohan aka God, who spits the most insane rhymes in The Blood Letting. Overall, I could have used a little less interlude stuff and more rapping but it's definitely not a CD you should pass up. If you liked CAD (and if you haven't heard it, you can get it HERE), then you'll like this one.

Keep it up you two, I'm waiting for the California tour!

You can find the album HERE on CDBaby!

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