A Few Free Albums to Consider

So, I've updated the circulation on my ZUNE in the past few days with a ton of releases I've snagged all over the web. I've been trying to expand my listening range all over the hip hop board, though I must say, I always am aiming to expand my artist list and keep everything rotating constantly. Aside from hip hop I've recently been listening to a lot of Half-Handed Cloud, P:ano, Emperor X, and so forth... but more importantly, here's how it's been going down:

I hit up rhymetorrents for a couple of releases...

I got the pleasure of seeing GOSHone debut this album and perform a bunch of tracks from it at West Coast Wig Out, and though I didn't snag a hard copy when I was there (I was trying not to spend money) I downloaded it as soon as I saw it was available. It's his debut album and the entire thing flows smoothly. What I really like about it is that the whole album is consistent in production, audio levels, style, and mastering. It sounds like an album, not a collection of songs, which I really like.
Available here!

Heightened Titans
Though I haven't listened to this entire release yet, I've heard tracks here and there and I dig it, though I'm not going to give it any sort of review. What I want to note is that The HT of Empulse Records decided to re-master the original release and I've only heard good reviews of it. I'm going to throw it on and play Metal Slug X this weekend.
Available here!

And then I headed to the Motherboard...

DJ 0.000001 feat. The Mole
Whirled Fusion
This is a wicked album, an eclectic deejay mixup of varying types of music put together delicately into entirely new compositions by DJ 0.000001. It's really cool, 'cause it all runs together and sounds great. It doesn't sound like your typical artist mashups and more like original songs based on other songs... I don't know how to describe it, really. And then, scattered throughout the ashes is rapping by The Mole. My favorite track on the album is How to Be Cool (Remix), because the rapping is awesome, the beat is crazy, and the lyrics are hilarious.
Available here!

Upside Down Bluejay
I snagged this because I heard Noah23 on the Hand'Solo release Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons and his verse on Keep the Channel Locked was one of my favorite of the album. I didn't know what I was getting into, but this release has a ton of different styles and all sorts of talent. The guy's vocabulary is something to be reckoned with, too, he's so solid. Also, as a bonus, there was a track with Livestock, who I first heard on the Train Rawbers album which is STILL in rotation on the player. I'm glad I've got a release from Noah23 now.
Available here!

CAPS3 - Pixel
I don't even know if that's really what it's called. I've downloaded this but I haven't gotten to listen to it yet because I've been trying to get through all the music on my computer that hasn't been heard yet. All I know is, it's got CAPS3, and I haven't heard much of the guy's music yet, so hopefully it's good. There's a track on it called Diggin' up Ogres though, so it can't be bad.
Available here!

I've got a lot to listen to and a lot more to write, myself. Hopefully none of the artists listed here didn't want their albums listed for whatever reason, contact me and I will immediately take down the link for you. Keep on listening to whatever you like, I'm gonna do the same.

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Th' Mole said...

hey thanks a lot for the review. yeah, get that shit, people!