Nerdcore Group Releases!

There seem to be a lot of nerdcore supergroups coming together these days. As it goes, more and more artists are working together on extended projects, as opposed to simply individual tracks. I love it, and I wanted to do a brief coverage of some stuff that's out there right now. With a HUGE amount of stuff coming up in the nerdcore community in the past month of October and a lot of projected music for the lovely month of November (including my album!), I can barely keep up. Here's a lowdown:

Group: The Sinister Six
Album: Invasion of the Mic Snatchers
Emcees: MadHatter, ZeaLouS1, Chester, Benjamin Bear, MC_Loki, YTCracker
Website: Scrub Club Records Album Page

Group: 8-Bit Boys
Album: 8-Bit Diagrams
Emcees: Entity, YTCracker, The Ranger, TYT
Website: Official Website

Group: Emergency Pizza Party
Album: Z.E.D. (Zombie Emergency Defense)
Emcees: MC Wreckshin, Sir Up, Betty Rebel, Fanatical, Benjamin Bear
Website: EPP Official Website

Group: Heightened Titans
Album: Heightened Titans
Emcees: Whoremoans, TYT, The Ranger
Website: Official MySpace

As you can see, there's a lot out there right now. I can only vouch right now for Emergency Pizza Party and The Sinister Six, as I am downloading the other two albums as I write this, but I can say that by listening to the sample tracks on both of the albums I'm excited. EPP's album was a great concept album and the entire thing flowed through perfectly. I thought it was an incredible step up from their previous album release (and not just because Fanatical and Bbear are back). The Sinister Six was album was well worth the wait. Every emcee killed it on every track, and there's not a lot that wasn't done amazingly.

There have been a ton of great songs coming out. Listen up! For all of you nerdcore haters out there who don't like the label nerdcore, or don't like the idea of nerds making hip hop... it's time you face the facts! There's no turning back, and (the end of) 2008 is the year of the nerd.

Download the albums and throw them on your music player of choice, go on a walk out in the fresh air, and listen to the magic.

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