San Francisco Entertainment System in the planning stages

After the successful West Coast Wig Out, when we were all at the Fat Burger expanding our beltlines and trying to stretch the weekend out a little longer, Anthony of GM4A and I discussed the future of California promotion and what we should be focusing on. As it turns out, we talked about the possibility of bouncing shows between San Francisco and Los Angeles every few months, so that everybody can get in on the action. So... GM4A's West Coast Wig Out's sister show San Fransico Entertainment System, hosted by Legendary Hip Hop is in the planning stages right now. We are shooting for a show about the same size as WCWO (or bigger) but with a different lineup (give or take). Hopefully, there will be the triumphant return of some of the WCWO artists who kicked a lot of ass last time and a bunch more, but honestly we don't know what's to come. It's in the early planning stages currently.

What I can tell you is that in the next two weeks I'll be going to San Francisco to talk with Doc Pop about putting the show together and then it'll be officially in the works and on the path to victory. We're looking at a February date if that is possible and as many acts as we can cram into one beautiful show. I'll be posting updates soon on the plans.

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