Coming Soon!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently, as things have been hectic around here. I've got some great stuff coming up, just bear with the temporary pauses. Here's a brief overview of what is coming soon:

1. West Coast Wig Out special: The excitement (and tension) build! The who's who at WCWO and why you should be watching this show. This article is going to have a bunch of cool information and reasons why you should not miss this one.

2. The Creation of Battle Stations!: the new group formed between myself and chiptunes hero AtariMatt, on the label Sinkhole Texas Inc., and what it's all about.

3. Interview with Overturned Big Rig about the Petaluma, CA music scene and what his music is all about.

4. The long-awaited Legendary Wizard full-length album (featuring some special guests) coming in November.

5. Interview with world class yo-yo master and rapper/chiptunes artist Doctor Popular, coverage of the YT Cracker/MC Lars/Frontalot show in San Francisco, and more stuff, all in due time!

6. The possibility of a Legendary Hip Hop magazine... it's in the works right now, but it won't surface at all until probably around January at the earliest, there's a lot to be done. I'm looking for writers right now as well as sponsors. Though, this publication would be under a different name, and there's more details I'm working out about it these days, so I'll do an article on it at some point when more information is hammered out.

7. Sinister Six Review: You'd better believe I'm gonna do a review on this one! I've been hyping it up because it's going to be so damn wicked and I know it. I'll have a review out as soon as I get through listening to it a couple times.

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