Midwest Nerdfest CANCELLED

The highly anticipated Midwest Nerdfest, organized by Madhatter of Scrub Club Records, unfortunately had to be canceled. Though it would have undoubtedly been incredible, as The Sinister Six were scheduled to perform as a group for the first time (since the members are scattered all throughout the country), and there were even rumors of Kabuto, SCR's newest artist and a beast of epic proportions, performing at the festival... And, to kick it all off, there was going to be a costume contest which Blazercake(s) and myself had gotten pretty excited for, though I'll have to refrain from telling you what our costumes were in case there is another costume contest anytime soon. Here's an excerpt from the blog post about the cancelation;

Sponsorship was looking good, although the main and most important sponsor of them all (the audio / video company) flaked out on me and I hadn't replaced them yet... everything else was pretty much locked in place. Unfortunately, due to medical bills for our daughter, Shel and I had to file bankruptcy. We believed we could still pull this off, but I ended up being stuck in some identity loophole with the credit agencies (apparently, they can't confirm I exist at this point)... and since we haven't been able to fully go through with the bankruptcy, we won't be able to take in money from ticket sales or sponsors because that would look really suspicious to the government.

To read the entire explaination, please visit THIS LINK.

Though show was canceled, Scrub Club remains strong. This week, Noncents Volume III is scheduled for release, featuring Madhatter and Chester, as well as newer Scrub Club members Kabuto and Deafinition. As for other albums in the works on the label are Deafinition's unnamed debut album, Kabuto's Parseltongue Mixtape, and Benjamin Bear's Nightmare People. As for other work, Scrub Club is focusing on finishing up their tabletop roleplaying game Time Paradox, hopefully scheduled for a 2009 release.

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