Rootbeer - "Pink Limousine" Tour

If you haven't heard of Rootbeer, it's a couple of emcees who have great taste when it comes to the fliest clothes available... oh, and they can rap, too. The combination of Flynn Adam and Pigeon John could be described as fantastic or even "dope," as the two emcees (in the only two tracks available so far on their MySpace page) weave seamlessly together to make a comfortable and warm hip hop quilt that you can wrap your ears up in... or something to that effect.

Either way, news has reached my ears that the duo is going on tour AND releasing an EP, entitled The Pink Limousine. Though this may sound fruity, rest assured that it's going to be 100% awesome. Being a long-time fan of Pigeon John, I have faith in this release, as I do with all of his releases. Now that I think about it, there's nothing better than cruising around in the Sentra with Daniel bumping Pigeon John and the Summertime Pool Party during the summer when it's nice and hot out and all the tunes get you in that mood to chill out... I suggest you buy that album immediately. Actually, if not for Rootbeer, I probably wouldn't have heard of Flynn Adam, at least not when I did, and I have yet to cop his own EP Such a Time, which I'd buy if I had any money (as currently I am unemployed). YOU should buy it so you can get ready for the dubious duo's tour, then e-mail me a .zip of the tracks, so I can hear them too. I'll pay my dues when I see 'em live! And of course, after the show I'll be writing a review and I'll be really critical of all of their mistakes. Last time Pigeon John came through here at the local Petaluma Phoenix Theater, I missed it, so there's no way I'm missing this show.

Anyhow... The Pink Limousine is officially out on March 10th both digitally and available in hard copies. I'll be at the show March 30th, in San Francisco. The tour dates are as follows;

Sat Mar 14 – Goleta, Residence Hall
Tue Mar 17 – Phoenix, Chasers
Wed Mar 18- Austin, SXSW
Thurs Mar 19- Austin, SXSW
Friday Mar 20- Austin, SXSW
Sat Mar 21 – Austin, SXSW
Mon Mar 23 – Santa Fe, Moonlight Lounge
Tue Mar 24 – Denver, The Marquis Theater
Wed Mar 25 – Salt Lake City, The Urban Lounge
Fri Mar 27 – Seattle, WA Nectar’s
Sat Mar 28 – Portland, Someday Lounge
Sun Mar 29 – Eugene, WOW Hall
Mon Mar 30 – San Francisco, Bottom of the Hill
Tue Mar 31 – Reno, The Tonic Lounge
Fri Apr 3 – Santa Barbara, Club Mercy
Sat Apr 4 – Costa Mesa, Detroit Bar

And if you want to hear more;
Rootbeer MySpace Page
Pigeon John
Flynn Adam

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