Legendary Hip Hop: BACK ONLINE for 2009!

Legendary Hip Hop is finally back online… it’s been one setback after another but I’ve finally managed to get things together again and this time with a lot more vigor. I’ve got some guest writers who will be doing columns and some people I’m still talking to who will hopefully hop on board. The Legendary Hip Hop team is growing, and in a fantastic way, so props to everybody. I’ll name the new staff as soon as everybody’s involved. It’s looking good, but I don’t want to name names when it’s not definite yet.
I've also teamed up with Hex to do album reviews here and there for his new Nerdapalooza E-Zine! So if you're into other types of music, don't worry, we've got you covered.

Since organization is a key part in making everything run nicely, here’s a rundown of the columns I will be managing myself;

  • Wine Country Hip Hop -- Focusing on hip hop in Sonoma County, WCHH is a bi-weekly column profiling either a hip hop artist, a group, an artist, or a show in the Sonoma County area. The main focus is on interviews and information to get people more active locally.
  • The Underground -- Articles focusing on underground hip hop artists, album releases, and so much more! Really, this one’s kind of pushing just falling into the news articles and other various updates, so we’ll see what happens to it as a column. Bi-weekly, presumably.
  • Nerds are Hip Hop Too! -- NaHHT is a weekly column covering the who’s who and what’s what in Nerdcore Hip Hop, pointing out releases, notable artists, interviews, and LOTS of free music!
  • Don’t Forget the Music -- Bi-weekly column discussing the instrumentals behind hip hop, something the mainstream has forgotten about in favor of three-note synth beats… DFtM is bringing back the real beats, the real beat smiths, and is planning on showing off some seriously talented instrumentalists in the underground scene.
  • Artist of the Month -- Huge interviews and profiles on my choice artist of the month. Think of it as the main course… I’m gonna be posting up free tracks, some free albums, album art, pictures, interviews… the whole Shebang! It’s a doozy.
  • Weekly Album Review -- Exactly what you’d expect. Each week I’ll throw up a review of a certain spectacular album that catches my ear. If it’s a freely distributed album, I’m going to put it up there as well.

Also, the other things that are in the works are wicked; I’ll be putting together monthly mixtapes of tracks I like that have been distributed for free in .zip and .rar files with liner notes so you know why I chose everything (starting February), photographs of dope street art in Sonoma County, guest authors putting together columns to share their wisdom, original compilations, a Sonoma County Events Calendar, and more! So get excited, why don’t you!

It’s a new year and time for a new branch of LHH to take form! Welcome to 2009, ladies and gentlemen!


D-Form said...

Glad to see the blog reincarnated like this. It sounds like there's going to be some dope shit for sure.

WCHH, never heard of much, people should claim vineyards instead blocks.

My two cents on why mainstream beats suck - sampling laws.


Alex said...

i'm in

hex said...

and let me know if you have any ideas for articles you'd like me to throw back at ya, good sir :D

ikilledacat said...

wow, looks like you're gonna have a lot on your plate. hope it's not overwhelming. plan to look in from time to time.