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This new column is exactly as it sounds; each week on Saturday I'm going to put up a track that I've been listening to a lot. The goal is to give you readers something you've never heard before, and hopefully introduce you to artists you've never heard of as well. Special thanks to Conyeezy for the webhosting, otherwise this article would not exist. He's the man, no doubt.

Noah 23 - House on Wheels (feat. Gregory Pepper & MadadaM)

Off of Noah23's album Upside Down BlueJay, this track was the kicker for me. It comes in towards the end of the album and I was blown away by how perfectly it is put together. It starts off with a haunting melody for a short 10 seconds before Gregory Pepper's voice kicks in over the beat, which quickly builds tension before displaying a wicked rendition of a certain Pixies lyric... Then Noah23 comes in and spits a wicked minute-long rap over one of my favorite beats I've ever heard, provided by the man himself, MadadaM.

In short, I love this track. It introduced me to Gregory Pepper, who I had not heard of previously, and now I can't get enough of the dude's music. He's not a hip hop artist but he's fantastic nonetheless. If I had money I would buy his albums, but luckily you can listen to them for free on his website, which tides me over when I need a fix. And you can't go wrong with MadadaM and Noah23, either. The first time I heard either of them was on the TrainRawber's album, which I still spin fairly often, and they did a damn good job. In fact, some of MadadaM's beats are so incredible, I think that album needs to have an instrumental release. They frequently collaborate and everything they put out together is fantastic. Noah23's rapping style always keeps me captivated and I'll surely be putting out the word when his next release becomes available. I always try to keep track of the guy's music. What a great lyricist.

Okay, well, that's enough for today, hopefully you enjoyed the track! Now please, go support these fantastic artists, and tune in next Saturday for... Track of the Week!

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