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If you like hip hop, you're bound to like art, and I'm not just talking about graffiti and urban art, though that's all fine and dandy too. I mean, I love it, of course. I still do graffiti and urban art from time to time, though not as much as I used to. What I"m talking about is modern art... I'm skeptical about calling it modern art 'cause that makes it seem like some Jackson Pollock paint-splashing art or something, but what I'm really talking about it gallery art that people are doing, like the kind of art Giant Robot San Francisco promotes.

Giant Robot is putting on a gallery right now in promotion of their book BEASTS!, featuring 100 pieces of art from the book, from a variety of amazing artists. I know it's a little bit late, seeing as the gallery opened January 17th, but it also closes on February 18th, so there's still time to visit, and I intend on going as soon as I can get a free day.

Scott Teplin - Loathsome Worm

There's a ton of great stuff here. The above piece is wicked but it comes at too high a price for me ($2000), though I would love to have that up on the wall. Art is an important part of the creative mind, which most underground hip hop artists quite understand. It's all about making something new. So, go! I feel that people shouldn't only focus on hip hop but also on the art that goes with it. It's a culture as much as it is a type of music, and though it may not be technically hip hop-related art, I think it is. I think it's a bastard descendant, and we should still embrace it. To each their own, but to everybody something.

Scott Campbell - Cliff Ogres

I also want that piece but it's also too much for me to buy ($200), and though it's ten percent cheaper than the other piece, I can barely afford rent this coming month, and thus I cannot afford to build an art collection of such awesome pieces at this point. Thus is life. There's a lot more awesome art where that came from, however, and you shouldn't miss this gallery! It is sure to be a fantastic experience with a bunch of eye-openers. Get inspired. Create.

Giant Robot San Francisco Official Website

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