Music Video of the Day [February 15]

The Adventures of Duane and Brando
Mega Man 2

One of my favorite groups right now, Duane and Brando specialize in dropping the maddest tracks ever, based on the storylines of classic video games. They haven't thrown a track down that I don't like yet so it's nice to hear more music from them and have it at the same high quality. I, and many other fans, am waiting for the full-length album to drop... whenever it's supposed to.

I just now saw this on a bulletin post that they put out and thought it was dope, so please, watch away! Friend them on MySpace, too, I'm sure they'd love it. Let 'em know I sent you.

1 comment:

Anthony said...

They took out the line where wily says "C'mon mega man we're taking over the world, dominating the human race. What are you a girl?"

still damn awesome though!