Music Video of the Day [February 21]

Th' Mole
Go Horsie (DJ Amazing Clay RMX) Part 1

Th' Mole hooked me up with his new album, Th' Mole's Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 released on Daly City Records, and it's pretty awesome, let me tell you. I've been listening to it a bunch recently and this track is certainly on it, along with a bunch of other wicked tracks. What I like about Th' Mole, besides the fact that he is indeed a cool dude, is that his music is not what I would normally expect out of hip hop, it's all completely ridiculous and over the top.

This is quite apparent in his new music video for Go Horsie's remix by DJ Amazing Clay. I mean, look at the guy, he pops out of his closet in a superhero costume and goes completely crazy. This song is so much fun I've been blasting it on the stereo so I can dance around the bathroom and cut my face while I'm shaving. This song has so much energy, it's ridiculous. Th' Mole is clearly a hero.

I suggest listening to this song and then telling the dude that you loved it. It would make his day, certainly.

The Mole Official MySpace
The Mole on Daly City Records

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