Track of the Week -- Where Temptation Playa

For this week I decided to go with something I just heard today that I thought I should share with you all because it totally blew me away when I heard it this morning. I was browsing the RhymeTorrents.Org forums, seein' what's up with all those nerds, hoping there might have been some album release news or something of the sort... anything, really, but alas nothing of the sort. Instead I was treated to a gift from the artist SLI (or rather, signedlongint). Aparently he's into mashups now, and that's good, 'cause I'm into mashups but I can't stand making them.

Signedlongint - Where Temptation Playa

The mashup combines Where'd You Go by Fort Minor, Temptations by Tupac, and I'm a Playa by Tech N9ne. I've been a Tech N9ne fan for a time now, though I'm not a huge fan of Pac or Fort Minor (though I can't argue that they both generally sound really solid, I just don't really listen to either of them often), so I wanted to take a listen. Though I was expecting to hear a bunch of verses from different peeps it's basically a remix of I'm a Playa, using the instrumentals from the other two songs to build something new.

What I really enjoyed, however, was the fresh take on the Tech N9ne song. It was very empty compared to his regularly way overproduced instrumentals, and it gave the song a completely different feel. It also moved the emphasis of the words around in Krizz Calico's verse which was an interesting way to go about things.

Anyhow, I though it was an awesome track and I wanted to share it with you all. It seems SLI's website is down now, so I'm not gonna post a link but props to Blue Glowy Records for hosting the track so I didn't have to bother Conyeezy.


sli said...


Except many more. Maybe an entire album of them soon.

Wizard said...

I'm hopin' for it, m'man! Please, keep me updated. I'll point people in your direction.