Anticipating... 8-Bit Boys - 8-Bit Diagrams!

The 8-Bit Boys's album 8-Bit Diagrams has become available for pre-order! If you don't know, the 8-Bit Boys are a nerdcore hip hop supergroup created by Entity, featuring himself, The Ranger (of The Down Underdogs), TYT, and the nerdrap king himeself, YTCracker. With such an incredible line-up, it's hard to imagine anything less than extraordinary music coming out of this group. In their words:

"The NES was truely an amazing console. Most of our fondest memories are from those grey cartridges we’d have to blow out half a dozen times just to get them to work. Yes, the games were great but the music was also quite a spectacle to behold. From Adventure Island to Zelda, it wasn’t only the gameplay that got you into the game...but also the soundtrack. We, as fans of that music aim to take it a step further, by combining it with hip-hop elements and create something entirely new..."

The album should be nothing short of spectacular, though it hasn't been stated how many tracks are going to be on the final cut, which bothers me. At the low price of $9.99, though, how can you pass it up? Sure, it's expensive if you're used to all the free music the nerdcore community has put out, but the quality of the entire album is surely going to blow the majority of nerdcore albums out of the water. And I'm willing to bet that 8-Bit Diagrams is one hell of an album, so I'm going to preorder it (as soon as there's money in my PayPal account. For more information, visit their webite (preorder it and watch the intro video) or MySpace (there's a couple songs up and some interesting trailers):

8-Bit Boys Official Website
8-Bit Boys MySpace

As soon as this album comes out I'll be doing a full review on it!

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