The Sinister Six!


The Sinister Six
, nerdcore's most powerful supervillain supergroup has an album due to drop any day now, and I'm only getting more and more excited about it's release. Formed by Scrub Club Records headman Madhatter McGinnis, the current Sin Six lineup is absolutely astounding; Madhatter, Zealous1, YTCracker, Benjamin Bear, MC_Loki, and scene newcomer Chester. A slight change from the original 2007 Sin Six lineup (Chester first replaced Big Stephen, and later MC_Loki replaced Shelshocker, both of whom originially appeared on the "Make Way" track and music video), the group still looks to be a powerhouse of musical genius. Originally developed some time around 2004 by Scrub Club Records (with, aside from Madhatter, a completely different lineup) but never completed, the Sinister Six setup and name resurfaced with a slew of fresh, incredibly talented emcees and a new agenda some time in 2007.

What was once a secret project, only characterized by silhouettes of the emcees and clues to their individual identities, The Sinister Six has become the talk of the nerdcore hip hop community, and one of the most anticipated NCHH albums this year. And furthermore, it looks at this point to be a free release! Hopefully, this will stay the case. The release date is not yet set, however, and the wait is frustrating myself (and I'm sure many other fans).

What I'm really hoping for, though, is a potential live performance by the Six at one of this summers' nerdcore festivals. I would assume that most of the members will be available for Nerdapalooza SE 2009, and hopefully they will also be assembled for MidWest Nerdfest. Of course, it's only a hope that they are even planning on performing together as a group, since there has been no leaked information on any plans of the sort. But hey, I can dream, can't I?

Anyway, I think it's important that we all sit back and just wait. The Sinister Six invasion is coming, and there's nothing we can do until it's all in the bag. The Invasion of the Mic Snatchers, according to the Official MySpace page, is due to release on 10.?.08, which means we can expect the album in less than a month.

Sinister Six Official Webpage
Sinister Six MySpace
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"Rap's got a glitch and we got the fix // Ya'll make way for the Sinister Six!" --Make Way (2007)

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