Nerdcore's original supergroup Emergency Pizza Party finally has a website! It's got pages for all the members, news, show dates, all their music, pictures and video, a store, and to top it all off, they've got a sweet-ass forum! The bit I've been taking advantage of, however, is the convenient availability of all of EPP's music in one location! I've gotten tracks that I'd never heard before (I Want to Get on It, Calico Alley) and Iv'e been able to get those tracks that left my computer like all of my other lost files.

Actually, with the emergence of their website, I was able to discover that lost members Fanatical and Benjamin Bear have rejoined the group (apparently this was made public at Nerdapalooza SE but since I didn't go and was so disappointed that I didn't want to read anything about the show, I had no clue until the other day). I was clued in by the exciting biography, available on the INFO page of their website.

EPP at CES (with some other people)

If you don't already know who Emergency Pizza Party is, you're missing out. Created in 2005, emcees MC Wreckshin, Sir Up, Betty Rebel, Fanatical, Benjamin Bear, and DJ JeffMK have been rocking the underground charts, creating fantastic (and often ridiculous) songs, and pioneering the "guerilla rap project" (which I'm currently writing an article on).

Check out the website here:


Currently in the works is a full-length album tentatively titled Underground Dinosaurs Rule China and another album (due before the end of the year) titled Z.E.D.

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