GM4A Interview with 8-Bit Artist

From Thursday to Saturday night I was back in my hometown of Davis, spending some quality time with my parents and friends who still live in town, so I was busy and didn't spend any time online staying up to date on current events or writing any articles. I got back to Rohnert Park last night and was talking to Anthony about what he'd been up to and he pointed me toward an interview he conducted with 8-Bit Artist, an amazing guy who makes and sells a ton of great 8-bit and 16-bit themed art. Ever since I was introduced to his work, I really dug it, since it not only brings back memories of sitting in my friend's tree house playing all the NES games we could get in our grubby little hands, but it's spot on. His pieces range from great, to ultra-brilliant. One of my favorite pieces is a screen from Super Bomberman 3, which captures the intensity of an explosion of pixels on the canvas.

Anyway, I suggest reading the interview, as it is well written and interesting, giving a lot of insight into how 8-Bit Artist got into the work, what he's working on, what he plans to do, how he does it, and all sorts of interesting tidbits. Go ahead, don't be shy! Read it!

GM4A Interview: 8-Bit Artist

8-Bit Artist Official MySpace

And for the record, I should be getting another couple articles I've written up on the site soon, and FlipTape is coming too, so I'll keep you all posted on what that entails in the near future.

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