Epic-1 - Black Friday

Epic-1 has released his debut album Black Friday, a fantastic piece of poetry spread across five of the coolest tracks I've heard in a while. EMPulse Records, home to some great artists (Rocket Propelled Geeks, Krondor Krew, In Real Life, and more!) picked up Epic-1 a while ago, and since he popped up on Rocket Propelled Geeks' track Boomstick Serenade I've been eagerly awaiting a release by the man.

Black Friday is a five-track EP, available for free from EMPulse Records, with new tracks from Epic-1 over some seriously wicked production. With everything from nerdy rhymes to serious stuff and just messing around on the track, he's got it down, no doubt. Epic-1's voice is soothing, his rhymes are fresh the entire album through, he throws around metaphors like a hero, and the songs transition very smoothly between each other. It's a great EP.

Favorite Track: Black Friday

There's no doubt that the production on this track is awesome, and Epic-1's vocals float smoothly over the melodies, especially in the choruses. What I really like is that his vocal range allows his choruses to not simply sound like an extension to the verse, but to be catchy, original, and clean, which I really like. And being free, how can you pass this one up?

EMPulse Records

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Download the Album for Free!

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