Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everybody. It's a great holiday, all the family together, eating a huge ham, getting presents, spreading cheer, playing with a brand new puppy, and listening to new music! It doesn't get better than this... or does it? I think it does:

Seattle-based hip hop band Optimus Rhyme has been broken up for some time, though in the grand holiday spirit, they have released a fantastic EP featuring five brand new songs... and the kicker?

It's FREE!

Not surprisingly, it's also really awesome, and hearing unreleased music from one of my favorite groups of all time is always a plus (especially when they're no longer together). transfORmed is fantastic, a medley of new songs that combine all of the breathtaking style that Optimus Rhyme is known for, letting us know they're still kicking from a shallow grave.

OR, we still love you!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Optimus Rhyme Official Website

transfORmed Download Link

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