Important Update! New Site Coming!

Legendary Hip Hop is looking to expand, change, and rebuild. This will likely be a frustrating and invigorating process followed by the introduction of new LHH team members, a switch to Wordpress for more flexibility in posting, and more updates and information for you to feast your eyes and ears upon.

We are changing our focus!

LHH is going to primarily focus on everything from indie/underground hip hop to nerdy hip hop and start more promotion, including releasing mixtapes, compilations, putting together shows, and more! The new team is being assembled now and the complete transformation to a new site (with all the old articles intact and the same website URL) will likely be done in January of 2009. With the start of the new year comes new things!

We are looking to plan shows from Sonoma County to San Francisco to The Sacramento Area, and a couple shows are already in planning. Come January, Legendary Hip Hop will be back on board with way more involvment in the community! We want to unite venues with artists for consistency in shows, and get DIY venues across the state to collaborate for DIY show tours and more. LHH is planning for a nuclear explosion of hip hop shows, collaborations, albums, and compilations.

The Plan:
Change LHH in a way that more information can be sent your way, more consistently and in a better organized fashion. If you're afraid that it won't be as good, don't be. It'll be better. Much better, in fact.

If you are interested in joining the LHH team, e-mail me at the address on the right and I'll talk to you about what you can do to help. There are likely positions open, if you are flexible in your interests, though keep in mind that I'm already assembling a team.

More news to come! I'm not going to stop updates while we are in transition, so there will be some album reviews this week and information on upcoming events in the Sonoma County Area.

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