The Mainstream is Unoriginal

When I log in to my MySpace account, I'm bombarded with ads on all sides from artists who already get way too much exposure and it's starting to frustrate me. On the top left, there's a Red Jumpsuit Apartatus banner, to my left there's some news about Katy Perry. Right above the login there's an ad for Coldplay's new CD. Honestly, if I wanted to hear their music I would throw on the radio, but I don't, so I listen to Pandora or KDVS Online.

Everywhere I go I feel like there's no escape from the horrible mainstream music with their half-assed beats, even more half-assed rhymes, and the repetition that not only carries throughout the song, but throughout the playlists radio DJs choose to play these days. Some of my friends listen to the radio and every time they turn it on, it's never something new, it's always the same songs being cycled over and over.

What I'd like to see is some new music being advertised, some new music being played, and some singles that aren't a chorus played six times with three verses which takes three rappers and a producer to create. It's really disgusting. I can think of some artists who not only rap amazingly, but produce their own tracks as well. I don't undertstand it.

I want good artists to be recognized. Someday, I suppose...

Pandora Internet Radio

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